From L.A.

We recently moved from Los Angeles with an abundance of foreign language schools and were unsure what offerings would be available for our three-year-old son in a smaller town like Charleston. What an unexpected delight to discover World Languages 4 Kids and the fabulous leader, Gala Guerrero! Gala and her roster of talented teachers are vibrant and enthusiastic making languages and learning so fun! We have seen vast strides in our son’s comprehension, usage and love for the Spanish language and he is always so excited to go to class!  In public, he often refers to things in Spanish and other parents around us always ask how he knows so much at such a young age!  We are thrilled with the World Languages 4 Kids experience and highly recommend Gala and her team to any parents looking to give their kids the multi-lingual advantage that is so important to their academic experience and future.

  • Adryn Sumner,

Charleston, SC