Summer is coming. Yay!!! … Now WHAT?! Camps already?

The sun, the heat, the humidity. The flip flops, the sunscreen, the water parks. The bathing suits, the mosquitoes, the long days and short nights. 2018 Summer in Charleston, SC is juuuuuust around the corner and we can hardly wait!  No more early morning rush traffic to take the kids to school. Say so long to packing lunches. No more homeworks to be checked, school bags to be hauled and long forgotten snacks to be found in that side pocked we always forget to check.  How nice! NO MORE SCHOOL!!! … wait… hang on… no more school?!  Great for the kids! But what about MY job?!  worse yet… MY sanity?!

Fret not!

The solution is held in  2 little words: Summer Camps.


I will do you one better: Spanish and Culture Summer Camps.

What would we do for 2 months, nay, 10 weeks with our children at home, from 6 am (because you KNOW that in summer they just HAVE to wake up at the crack of dawn) all day till 9 or 10 pm? Go crazy, that is what! Them and us! We need a channel for all that energy and creativity.


We are good parents.

We want them to develop to their full potential, to learn, grow and have fun. We want for our children to be engaged, intellectually stimulated, safe and happy. We want to find that perfect mix of physical and mental activity.

Spanish and culture summer camps at WL4K offer exactly that.


Learning a language is no longer limited to books and dictionaries.

For instance, we don’t need to be chained to the desk or glued to a chair in order to acquire notions of Spanish. Classes have become quite catching and interactive. Every situation is a chance to learn, which allows us to use all sorts of neat tricks. Music, songs, dancing and the variety of game possibilities are truly endless. That is exactly what we want!

What we want is for our kids to be inspired to learn through play, to be captivated by newfound knowledge and to experience that wonderful feeling they get when they can show off their mad Spanish speaking skills.

In Charleston, WL4K has the best 2018 Summer camps.

We play, have fun, learn, and keep bodies active and minds sharp.