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Summer Camp Registration in Charleston SC

El mejor de los veranos!  The best summer ever!

Themed Events in Charleston’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp

May 20 – August 23

  • Half-Day – $135
    • Drop-in – $40
  • Full-Day – $225
    • Drop-in – $60

Daily Themes

Outdoor themes are weather dependent.  Crafts are daily.  These classes are bilingual introductions to these topics.

  • Monday – Art

    • Art painting focused
    • Different art techniques introduced
  • Tuesday – Gardening

    • Nature focused
    • Bug exploration
    • Plants and Earth topics
    • May get wet or dirty πŸ™‚
  • Wednesday – Yoga & Spa Day

    • Body Awareness
    • Meditation & Relaxation
    • Yoga stretching
    • Mini-maniΒ΄s – nail painting
    • Cucumbers on eyes for deep relaxation
    • Body parts (bilingual)
  • Thursday – Pirate Day Argh!

    • Water focused – expect to get wet!
    • Get your favorite Arghhh ready πŸ™‚
    • Sprinklers, slip & slide, games, just plain fun!
  • Friday – Summer Olympics

    • Teamwork and game focused
    • More games and outdoor fun
    • Most likely will get drenched πŸ™‚

Charleston’s Bilingual Camps

The best way to start learning Spanish?  How about by playing, dancing, singing, reading, coloring and painting.  We get crafty and creative everyday.

Running, jumping, playing outside in the sprinklers. Arts & crafts.  A bit of gardening? Bug searching!

Perhaps puppets, story time, building with blocks or watching and touching interactive videos on our 80 inch interactive monitor screen? Paper spanish bingo, touch screen bingo and more!

World cultures too! Let’s learn about other corners of the world, listen to their music, find them on google maps and view their streets with Google Earth.  Find out about different food, dresses, animals, and landmarks.  We are interactive and artsy everyday.

We have it all, and all is bilingual.

Let’s get this fiesta started!

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