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After Schoolers

The BEST after school activity for kids!

After School Spanish will have your child communicating and engaging with native speakers without hesitation, embarrassment or fear! For children, it comes second nature to pick up on cues, voice inflections, body language when learning a language. Online classes do not have these benefits. Older children especially may have the patience to sit in front of a computer but will not retain a new language as easily. Bring them to us instead!

High Tech & Clean

Our NEW high tech studio is the place to learn and be challenged.  We combine the latest in technology with fun games to keep children engaged.

Challenging Curriculum

Our curriculum for our After School Spanish Program has a heavy focus on the alphabet and vocabulary. Some advance children will have exposure to conjugation. Crafts, dancing, games and our giant interactive TV screen help concrete the lessons in your child’s spongy little brain.

We are Authentic

Our Studio is frequented by native Spanish speaking children. Our instructors are either native to Latin America or trained in a Spanish speaking country. This is real exposure to Spanish World Cultures and people therefore this immersion is invaluable to your child.

Learn Spanish with Gala and our Spanish speaking kids

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A Happy Gala

 September – December 2019



1 Class Per Week

3:45 – 4:30 PM