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Adult Spanish Classes

Beginner’s Spanish is now available

We have a 5 Day Basic Spanish Course on the schedule with lots of dates to choose from! Learn Spanish using our drop-in approach to learning. First, begin your journey with Spanish 4 Newbies Day I.  Then, work your way to Spanish 4 Newbies Day 5. Take as long as you need or go as fast as can! It’s up to you. After completing our Newbie Courses, continue learning by attending our “Pop Up! Classes” and “Happy Hour Conversational Meetups”.

Spanish Lessons build on each other

You can take one class a week for 5 weeks or you can take multiple in the same week. Adapt to your schedule, time and effort! 

Buy Class Packs in Bundles

Pay for 5 or 10 classes then schedule them when you are available. No need to commit to a specific date and time every week. Your classes are good for the year!

Advance Spanish is now -> Pop Ups!

Pop Ups! are our subject based classes for Advance Spanish Learners. Get familiar with the basics then dive in deep. Every language has words that just don’t follow the standard rules. We give you tips to help you with these tricky concepts. Subjects include: Gender Pronouns, Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Ser vs Esta, and more!

Learn Spanish with other Adults

Practice on your own time or in our scheduled meetups.  We are arranging Conversational Spanish meetups to support your studies. They will be held on Fridays and will be FREE 🙂