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A program designed specifically for our toddlers, 30 minutes of full Spanish fun.
During “Cantos” (songs) we dance and sing to specifically selected children’s songs in Spanish thus acquiring vocabulary in a fun engaging manner; the songs touch on different topics such as body parts, spring days, family members and some well known classics as “The Itsy bitsy Spider”, “the Wheels of the Bus” “Clean Up”, “The Hokey Pokey” After hearing the song just a couple of times our friends are quite delighted to jump in and sing, always ready for a good dance.
Story telling compliments each class beautifully!
Classic “Cuentos” (stories) are vividly read in English and Spanish during our circle time. In each story we highlight key, everyday use words that our friends repeat and learn while totally immersed in the tale.
Known stories and familiar songs makes “Cuentos y Cantos” a wonderful way for our younger friends to start learning with a new language.

18 months – 3 years